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Mongo's Twitter Feed

jaybrice #NewMusicRenegades makes me sound all heroic as I sit cloistered at my rig sorting out the great from the good. But I guess it's true! :)
jaybrice RT @RascalRecords: @RadioKC @CharliDJ @jaybrice Yeaaaaah #FF Back Happy Halloween !!!
jaybrice @RascalRecords @CharliDJ @RadioKC Thanks, and here's to fans old and new! More great music to come!
jaybrice RT @RascalRecords: @CharliDJ @jaybrice @RadioKC #FF Back Happy Halloween To the best DJs team !!!
jaybrice @daveyhub @MrJoka2 Thanks @daveyhub for all you do. @MrJoka2 if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them.
jaybrice Conspiracy Daily is out! Top stories from @NoelBligh @YMAbgCandy @ch_agan123
jaybrice Rise Up Today is out! Stories of police brutality from @wastenotorg @ballinobudget @BounceoutRadio
jaybrice The Mongoland Radio Show TONIGHT from 8:00-10:00 PM PT (UTC-8) on #EDM #RKC @DJMRRYAN